I have led a variety of Retreats and Quiet Days, Parish Weekends and Prayer workshops, and I am happy to respond to invitations. Topics have included

How to read the Bible

Meditative Prayer

Lectio Divina

Benedictine Spirituality

Preparing for Advent

A Holy Week Pilgrimage (in the parish)


In 2005 I led the Ordination Retreat for the Ely Diocese. I drew the title for my addresses from Henri Nouwen’s book The Living Reminder, three lectures about the spiritual resources of ministers. What is it, asked Nouwen, that enables them to preach, teach, counsel and celebrate with a continuing sense of joy, wonder, gratitude and praise? His answer is to picture the minister as a ‘living reminder’, one whose life points to God and who heals, sustains and guides the people of God. At the end of the book he recalls how he realised that he had, in fact, discussed the minister using the familiar threefold pattern of pastor, priest and prophet. Following Nouwen’s theme, the addresses reflect on what it means to be a pastor, priest and prophet in today’s world, and I explore this using the symbols that we use in our ministry , the ordinary things of life that we endow with special significance and which become effective signs of the grace of God. The text of the addresses is available here. Read now.


Every three years, or so, I lead a week of refection at Tournay Abbey in the Hautes Pyrénées, combining quiet time at the Abbey with visits to places of interest in the area. Details of the next visit will be posted as soon as they are available.

IMGP2480The Abbaye Notre-Dame de Tournay, nestling by the river Arros in the glorious foothills of the Pyrenées, is a Benedictine community founded just over 50 years ago. Like all monasteries it is a holy place, hallowed by prayer and the rhythm of the monastic life. The warm welcome, the peace and quiet, and the beautiful liturgy provide space for the spirit and make it the perfect place to take some time out. The surrounding area is rich in natural beauty with many places of pilgrimage and is noted for its Romanesque Churches.