Believing & Belonging

Believing and Belonging is a twelve-part introduction to the Christian faith. Designed for small groups, it works well for Christian Enquirers, for Confirmation Preparation, and as a Refresher Course for those who wish to ‘brush-up’ their faith. The topics for each session are listed below.

The course notes are being revised, and will be added to this page in downloadable form when the revision is complete!

1.  Faith & Meaning

2.  The Bible: Story & History

3.  God, Spirit & Holiness

4.  The Coming of Jesus

5.  Son of Man: Son of God I

6.  Son of Man: Son of God II

7.  Justice, Peace & Society

8.  Suffering, Sin & Evil

9.  The Last Things

10.  Church, Mission & Sacrament

11.  Prayer & Personal Devotion

12.  Following in The Way