I Was There

I was thereISBN 978-1-8381050-3-7; Price £9.99

Jesus had an unforgettable impact on the lives of everyone he met. What did they feel about him? How did they respond – the crowds, his disciples, the people who condemned him? 

I Was There takes us imaginatively into the story of Jesus, exploring its meaning through the eyes of those who were there. We join Jethro as he hears Jesus teach at the lakeside, and Michal who was healed; we eavesdrop on Nathaniel and Omri, two Pharisees arguing about who Jesus is; we absorb the feelings and confusions of the disciples; and we share the joy of Mary Magdalene on the first Easter Day. As the drama unfolds and its meaning is explored, we are invited to enter into the story of Jesus and to find in it meaning for our own lives.

I Was There is written for those who would like to believe in God but hesitate, especially younger people for whom traditional approaches to faith no longer work. Equally those preparing for confirmation, or established Christians seeking to refresh their faith, will find the experiential approach helpful.
The book is illustrated, including original drawings by Philip Kerrey.

‘Enjoyable and insightful … the conversations between the characters bring the story alive.’