Médard’s Journey

Published by Peter Sills Books (2019) [ISBN 978-1-8381050-0-6]

The ancient pilgrim way to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain is one of the most frequently followed pilgrim paths in the world. Médard’s Journey follows two medieval pilgrims as they make their way along the route at the turn of the C12th: Médard de La Chaise Dieu, a wool merchant who set out from Le Puy-en-Velay, and Robert le Chêne, Under-steward to the Vicompte Beaucaire, who made the journey from Arles. Through their encounters and the places they visit we explore their reasons for making the pilgrimage and what they learn about themselves and the spiritual life. Their story offers modern pilgrims food for thought as they make their own spiritual journey, whether travelling the pilgrim way or in their homes. Médard’s Journey is illustrated with colour photographs, and is available in the print version only direct from Peter Sills. Copies (£12.00 / £14 incl. p&p ) may be ordered by contacting me.