Faithful is the One who Calls – (2021)

The second decade of this millennium has not been a good time for the Church, scarred by the child abuse scandal and suffering a marked decline in Christian allegiance in Europe and elsewhere in the ‘West’. At the same time there is widespread recognition, among believers and non-believers alike, of the moral vacuum that characterises our world, producing a deep and enduring spiritual yearning to which God calls the Church, despite its faults, to respond. God’s call is addressed to all ‘who have ears to hear,’ as Jesus said.

In this booklet, marking the 40th anniversary of my ordination, I reflect on what it means to respond to the Call of God. It is based on talks and sermons given during the fourth decade of my ministry. I describe the call of God as the call of Love to grow in virtue, to bear witness and to serve. To all who would respond, these reflections are offered as a resource and encouragement. 

(Print copy only (£5.00 + £2.00 p&p) available via the contact page.)