My Strength & My Song

‘We are an Easter people, and “Alleluia!” is our song. Its easy at joyful times like Easter, and when things are going well, to have a lively faith and confidence in God. But its not so easy in the hard times when faith is tested; it is then that we truly need a faith built on rock. In these meditations, written in the early years of his ministry, Peter Sills reflects on keeping faith in good times and in tough times, in joy and in sorrow, and how we can discern the hand of God in our lives and in the world. The topics include the resurrection and the faith of Easter, Marriage and Divorce, Politics and the Church, the Calling of a Priest, the place of conflict, doubt and darkness in the Christian life, and the life to come.

(Print copy available direct from Peter Sills (£3), or download pdf: Read now)