Your Kingdom Come

‘Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’, Jesus taught us to pray. How do we understand the kingdom of God? And what are its values? Written from the conviction that God is the God of the whole of life, public as well as private, this booklet considers these questions and relates them to contemporary issues: re-connecting politics with hope; learning from terror, and the rise of militant Islam; climate change and caring for the earth. These issues pose sharp questions about the spirit of the age, and it is at the spiritual level that they must be resolved.

The four sections are –

  1. Renewing the Spirit: Praying for the Kingdom, A Moral Society & The Pursuit of Happiness
  2. Learning From Terror: Prophecy and Political Action, A Just War? Islam and the State
  3. Caring for the Earth
  4. Remembering: Sixty Years On, A Baltic Journey.

(Print copy no longer available; download pdf. Read now)