The Time Has Come

Published by Columba Press 2006 (ISBN 1–85607-528-1)

A Lenten Journey with Saint Mark
Covering the whole of St Mark’s gospel, this book offers a reflection for each day of Lent (though it can also be tackled in longer sections), each ending with a short spiritual exercise. There are six sections: Proclaiming the Kingdom / In Deed and Word / True Righteousness / Follow Me / Challenge and Confrontation / Son of God.  It can be used both individually and by groups.

The reflections offer more substance than most of what passes for Bible devotions. Canon Sills ends by suggesting you ask yourself: ‘How much do I want to hear Jesus’ good news?’ Like a good preacher, he takes the reader imaginatively into the Gospel, and draws parallels with readers’ inner lives.  (Ruth Boulding, Church Times.)

[Print version only (£10) (£2 p&p); available direct from Peter Sills: order via the contact page.]