Published by Sacristy Press (2014) [ISBN 978-1-908381-18-7]

Where are we going? For several years now it has been apparent, if officially unacknowledged, that generally accepted economic ideas are not working.’ Not only is economic theory divorced from real life, many areas of economic life have cut themselves adrift from accepted standards of  ethical behaviour. This collection of eleven essays by different contributors, jointly edited with Andrew Lightbown, considers various aspects of economic life, from education to employment, illustrating in each case the resources that the Christian faith offers for reconnecting economic life with virtue and integrity. Peter Sills contributes the Foreword, two essays: A Christian Framework for Economics and Leadership, Ethics and Virtue, and the Afterword.
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Theonomics argues for the recovery of the classic virtues of prudence, temperance, fortitude, justice and humility as animators of a lively and Godly economy. Six key principles are offered to help those interested in integrating Christian ideas into the economic sphere: community, solidarity, justice, gift, service and subsidiarity. Theonomics offers encouragement and empirical evidence for the integration of Christian insights and everyday economic activity. (From the Preface by Martyn Percy.)