What’s New?

REMEMBRANCE DAY – A Reflection for Remembrance Day has been added to the TALKS page.

The Pilgrimage for 2018 will be to Armenia – a twelve to fourteen day journey between 17 September and 5 October 2018. Armenia is celebrated as the first Christian country, and contains many important religious and monastic sites as well as offering some wonderful scenery. The Armenian Orthodox Church is a denomination in its own right, and the pilgrimage will include opportunities to meet local Christians and experience the worship of the Armenian Church. The full details will be announced as soon as they ae available. To register an interest please use the contact form.

PILGRIMAGE – The talks that I gave on this year’s pilgrimage to the Shrine of St Nicholas in Bari, To Possess the Holy, have been added to the Pilgrimage page.

SPIRITUALITY – A Spirituality for the Times, a talk given in 2006 outlining a contemporary spirituality based on Benedictine insights, is now on the Spirituality page.