What’s New?


The introduction to leadership in the Benedictine Tradition which I contributed to Theonomics (Sacristy Press, 2014) has been added to the Leadership sub-page. It can be read here: read now.


A Short Guide to Prayer has been added, and also A Spirituality for the Times, a talk given in 2006 outlining a contemporary spirituality based on Benedictine insights.


Mary Magdalene, a reflection for the Feast of St Mary Magdalene (July 22) has been added to the Talks page. Rejecting the tradition that Mary was a prostitute, it explores her reasons for following Jesus and her role as the first witness of the resurrection.


The talks that I gave on this year’s pilgrimage to the Shrine of St Nicholas in Bari, To Possess the Holy, have been added to the Pilgrimage page.


An outline for a Home-based Retreat has been added to this page.